I had worked with life and business coaches before but time spent with Julia is unique. If you are looking for a guidance or you are at pivotal point in your live and have some questions I recommend IDream Academy and Julia with her tremendous experience .
— David Meitardjian
Great experience and fantastic service.....very educational and knowledgeable
— Alexander Sobol
Extraordinary experience in business leadership coaching event and networking evenings
— Nick Maryanovsky
Very impressed with Julia ‘s coaching skills and tricks
Love her sessions
— Alexander Vasilev
Amazing facility! Great organization. Every time I visit I am in complete awe in its condition and design. I can’t stop taking pictures! My coach has been able to provide me with insight and a plan to overcome my personal road blocks.. She provided me with a break down and steps to my life time goals that’s I’ve been struggling to realize and develop over the years. Now I’m happier than ever and have made a dear friend and mentor for life!
— Diana Ivanova
Great Place and such a nice Person. Highly reccomended
— Dan Bannn
I was working with Julia on a couple of projects and she proved to be very organized, driven and inspiring woman.
— Julia Merk
Amazing business networking event , great place, professional atmosphere and lovely Julia Gousseva
— Lev Tsivian
Great place and amazing atmosphere. Julia is such a kind person and she really know her business. Excellent !
— Daniel Fankhauser
Great place suitable for any venue! Beautiful and spacious with all the necessities built in! Julia is an amazing person, ready to work anything out!!!
— Yana Terem
WoW, it was a professional and educational networking event and seminars at the end of the event only positive thinking and connections. Lots of new connections and grate people.
— Photo and Print
Great place and amazing atmosphere. Great opportunity for masterclasses, networking events, lectures, bridal parties, seminars. Beautiful venue!
— Julia Bass
Great place to present your business . Very welcoming and worm atmosphere. Julia is great hostess and wonderful person . Highly recommend.
— David Meitardjian
Such a lovely venue, the experience here is like no other ! You get the best service money can offer. Everyone is very professional and such an enjoyable atmosphere!! I highly recommend
— Shannon Fitzpatrick
Such an universal place for either a cozy girls’ night in with wine, cheese and laughter or a seminar with a professional speaker on any subject really. The atmosphere adjusts to your goals in some magical way.
Professional and easy going staff, great experience overall. Thank you
— Svetlana Kachina
Lovely space and amazing atmosphere, highly recommend and will definitely come back
— H.L.