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As a certified Life Coach & End of Life Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator (TIR), Julia Gousseva has the skills and experience to help you find balance and fulfilment in life.  Julia knows how challenging life can be sometimes, and how hurt, pain, anxiety, confusion and distress can knock anyone off balance. As a life-lover who has courageously conquered her fears in life to become a Fear Buster at heart, Julia understands first-hand the importance of modifying mindsets to achieve goals. That is why she believes in helping people unveil their inner power and self-imposed limitations so they can fearlessly chase after their dreams.  Her drive in life can help put you in the fast lane towards achieving your life goals, changing your mindset, experiencing renewal and attaining success.  By providing a safe and confidential space, Julia can help you navigate your way through various life transitions, changes or trials that may be impeding your ability to achieve a strong sense of identity, purpose and fulfillment.



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Embrace Fear –
It’s a Signpost Pointing to Growth!

What do you do when you feel sadness?  How do you react to feelings of anger?  Most importantly, what are your thoughts and behaviors when you feel fear? The life that you are living is vastly influenced by the cultural and familial programming you have experienced. What causes us fear, is therefore, something that we have not encountered or been told to be afraid of.  When we are faced with fear, we have been conditioned to believe it is always best to avoid the situation or person causing that feeling of fear.  As a result, many people go to great lengths to avoid events or people that make them feel fear, spending most of their lives running from situations that can produce this powerful emotion.  Doing so, however, often causes a great deal of discomfort and reduces your life’s potential.  Why do we give into fear and practice avoidance?  It is because it seems like the easiest option at that particular moment. In other words, we often believe that fear is something that we need to eschew our comfort zones.

For those who fall into this mindset, even temporarily, the end result can be detrimental.   When this mindset becomes a habit, failure and its associated feeling abound.  That is why, if you want to grow as a person, you need to see fear not as something to be avoided but, rather, a guidepost.  When we are confronted with something that causes us to feel fear, it is a sign that we are just not yet comfortable and need to work to pursue what is causing us fear. For instance, if you are afraid of going to the gym and working out, the fear is a signal that you need to do just that.  The same is true of social situations, acquiring new hobbies and embarking into the unknown.  That is why it is important to remember that you should always attempt to walk toward your fear and not away from it.  You need to embrace the fear as your friend.

If you are able to accept fear as an emotion, just like any other emotion, you will go far as you continue to pursue your goals. Whenever you encounter the feeling of fear, you know that growth is within your reach.  You will become a better version of yourself if you can mount the courage to march onward, ignoring your instinct for flight, and facing the challenge straight on.  While it may seem nearly impossible to overcome that fear, remember that the feelings is only temporary.  Practice taking a deep breath and calming yourself.  When you are calmer, you can assess the situation and do what you know to be right.  Introduce yourself to that cute stranger.  Start the art project.  Get yourself to the gym.  Don’t believe the lies fear is telling you, if it says don’t do something, defiantly charge towards it and push on.  Fighting for what you want is always what you are supposed to do.  

While you may not always succeed, remember that you always have a choice when it comes to fear. You don’t have to run away.  After all, fear itself can’t  hurt you.  Fear is just your minds way of pointing out the areas and situations in which you need to become more at ease with so that you can be your best self!